富利基獨家專業生產Hawk Pipe Wrench鷹式管鉗,已有台、中、日、歐、美世界發明專利與設計專利。 產品性能超優,無與倫比的超級咬合功能與快速棘輪設計省時省力;CR-V鉻釩鋼嘴強壯耐用;單指按壓式開合設計,任一單手即可快速操作換接不同管徑的配管作業;特殊三點咬合專門用於鎖不緊或是打不開的鏽死水管與螺帽,讓每個使用者省下至少50倍的工作時間。對於在空中或地底工作急需要搶時間完成拆換作業者尤其需要。 除了新開模的鑄鐵手柄(Cast Iron) 8", 10", 12", 14", 18" ,亦開發鋁合金手柄(Aluminum Alloyed Steel) 10", 12", 14", 18" ,達到工具輕量化的時代要求,還有搭配各式各樣水電工具組。 型錄與操作影片已連結在網站上, 請貼在網址列後開啟檔案。 (型錄) 12 pages 感謝您! 您的每一封郵件,每一通電話與拜訪,敝公司每一位成員皆滿心感謝歡迎您的用心與努力,因為您而能讓台灣高品質的鷹式管鉗有機會行銷至世界各地。 Niche Rich is the ONLY ONE manufacturer of HAWK PIPE WRENCH and has Taiwan, China, Asia, Europe, and United State Patent . HAWK PIPE WRENCH has outstanding design and powerful grip and ratchet action function. Its special three directions grip function can grasp round pipe at any angle from earth or sky, especially for dead-lock pipes. All of the materials are well selected to make it endurable and well-functioned. User will find its thumb release function can speed up operation around 50 times faster than regular tools. HAWK PIPE WRENCH is the KEY TOOL for the user working in the SKY or UNDERGROUND, which could help them to get the all fixing job done at the shortest time to save life from ...


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